Joe’s Business Saves Money and Becomes a More Efficient Company with On Track’s Help

Joe’s construction company had never seen such a slow year. Each month, he was being awarded fewer contracts, and those jobs he did get had thinner profit margins than before. Joe knew his company wasn’t alone; news story after news story reported that construction had suffered more in the recession than any other industry. Yet this fact gave Joe little comfort as he struggled month after month to make payroll.

Joe wasn’t the only one to notice the financial troubles. Sarah, his bookkeeper, felt the need to leave for a more secure position. With no bookkeeper and declining business income, he faced a huge problem.Fortunately, Joe discovered Donna Caswell and her team at On Track Business Management. They were able to manage all his accounting needs, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing, and financial reporting—all for significantly less than the cost of a full-time bookkeeper. Joe came to realize that outsourcing his bookkeeping was the perfect fit for his company’s situation. And he appreciated the team approach at On Track which meant he no longer had to worry about what to do when his bookkeeper got sick or went on vacation.

Although it was difficult to lose his long-time employee, in hindsight Joe realized that her departure was a blessing in disguise. Hiring On Track Business Management eliminated the extra costs of a full-time employee. Additionally, Donna and her team implemented new cost savings and efficiencies that saved Joe’s company even more money. As a leaner, more efficient business, Joe’s company was now poised to weather the recession.
Joe remains thankful to On Track and the difference they made. He now feels in control of his business, which has once again started to pick up.

*Name and minor details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.