Construction Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting for construction carries unique challenges. The experts at On Track Business Management specialize in both the training and performance of construction accounting concepts, including job costing, over/under billings, subcontract control and construction project administration.

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Quickbooks Training

On Track Business Management is your one-stop solution for Intuit Quickbooks training and support. Whether you’re looking for flexible training sessions for your in-house bookkeeper, once-a-month reconciliations of account balances, or project management training for large commercial projects to grow your current bookkeeper’s skill set, On Track’s accounting software training has you covered. Business owners use On Track training sessions to better understand their company’s financial and job reports, which is essential to growth and successful leadership.

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Sage Software Training

Most business owners using Sage 100 Contractor (Masterbuilder) are not aware of the depth of reporting available to them, or they are unsure how those reports can help them build their business. With so many variables affecting the bottom line, job cost and profitability reports are highly valuable tools to assess the accuracy of the estimate and the success of the job. With On Track’s Sage software training, construction company owners learn not only what reports are available and when to view them, but how to analyze them to make profitable business decisions.

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Certified Payroll

The certified payroll professional experts at On Track understand the financial, legal and organizational challenges of construction payroll for government and union jobs. For companies looking to grow, or simply looking to outsource their bookkeeping, certified payroll services are part of a sound financial management plan.

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Job Cost Accounting

The experts at On Track specialize in unique accounting concepts specific to the construction industry. One vital aspect of accounting for any construction business or contractor is the correct handling of Job Costs, as these expenses determine how to build an estimate, how to track expenses during the job, and how to accurately calculate profits upon job completion.

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