Certified Payroll

Because of the amount of red tape involved, many construction company owners steer clear of government or union jobs that require certified payroll or prevailing wage reporting. Understanding and following the many regulations and reporting requirements (and avoiding the penalties for late or misfiled reports) can seem out of reach for some owners. However, when handled correctly, certified payroll jobs can be highly profitable, with bigger bids leading to greater revenue. These jobs also carry a certain prestige and can truly raise a company to the next level in the industry.

The certified payroll professional experts at On Track understand the financial, legal and organizational challenges of construction payroll for government and union jobs. For companies looking to grow, or simply looking to outsource their bookkeeping, certified payroll services are part of a sound financial management plan.

We offer the following certified payroll services:

Certified / Union Payroll Set-Up & Processing

  • We work with business owners and project managers to gather the necessary information to do the certified payroll set-up in the payroll/accounting software
  • Entering timecards
  • Cutting checks and/or direct deposit
  • Filing payroll taxes
  • Filing quarterly and annual reports

Certified / Union Payroll Reporting

  • Depending on the software, we will either produce the certified payroll reports from the payroll software or gather the necessary information to produce the certified payroll reports on government accepted forms
  • Weekly reporting online to the DIR
  • Weekly reporting using online applications required by specific jobs (if applicable)
  • Monthly reporting using online applications required by specific jobs (if applicable)
  • Record keeping

In-house Bookkeeping Assistance and Training

  • On Track certified payroll specialist works with in-house bookkeepers on certified payroll training
  • On Track can help owners get their company’s financial house in order to make this next step

Outsourced Bookkeeping and Other Financial Management Services

  • On Track experts handle all bookkeeping and ensure full compliance with certified payroll job requirements
  • Bid analysis and improvement
  • Analysis of comprehensive financial and individual job reports can lead to bigger and better jobs

Make certified payroll services part of your plan for financial growth with On Track. Ready for more information? Get started today by filling out our online form or start a conversation with one of our team members at (530) 478-9234.