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Construction Bookkeeping

All of our construction accounting services are tailored to suit your specific accounting and financial needs. Whether you need temporary help, full time support, or financial consulting, On Track can help bring your business to where it needs to be.

Coaching & Consulting

Increase your revenue and profit, uncover new financial opportunities, achieve a better understanding of the complexities of accounting with our business coaching, financial consulting, and readily available resources.

Accounting Software Training

Save time and money with our on and off-site targeted training to suit your specific needs on the software of your choice including programs such as Sage 100 and QuickBooks.

Video Series

Financial statements tell a story of your company's financial health and offer a wealth of knowledge in terms of construction accounting information. Learn the terminology for reading and understanding your company's financial reports. Companies that take the time to work on their financial statements are more profitable than those who don't.

Interactive Spreadsheets

Find your company's Gross Profit, Debt to Income, Receivable Turnover, and other important financial ratios in our Financial Learning Center.

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The Importance of Understanding Over- and Under- Billings and Work In Process

On Track Founder Donna Caswell

For over 20 years Donna has specialized in accounting for the construction industry as a financial manager, trainer, and certified consultant. Donna and the On Track team help businesses with both accounting and payroll services in order to strengthen their growing business.

The On Track Team

Meet the On Track Team. There is always a knowledgeable construction accounting and payroll specialist ready to meet your needs.

Our Vision

To assist our clients in reaching their financial goals by providing informative and timely financial reports, accurate bookkeeping, and the highest level of service possible. Success Stories »

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Accounts Receivable
Also known as Cash Receivables, the Accounts Receivable is money owed to a business from its clients.
On Track Tip

Increase Cash Flow

Boosting cash flow boils down to two main concepts: Accelerating the receipts of funds into your business, and delaying the disbursement of funds out of your business. Remember to “bill early, and bill often.”

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What Overhead percentage should I be using?
It’s important to know what your actual company overhead percentage is...
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